Meet your Skin Therapist


Andrea Sellner

Owner and Esthetician of
Organic Escape Skin Studio.

Hi, my name is Andrea Sellner. I graduated from the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis in 2011, receiving my license in Esthiology. My additional education includes an Associates Degree in Fine Arts from Lake Superior College and a multi-media makeup certification from Faces-Etc of Minnesota. My years of practice include extensive training and treating clients with Eminence Organic Skin Care, Dermalogica, Aveda, Glo Therapeutics and Apotheque Rx. After much exploration into other brands, I realized that no other brand compares to Eminence Organic Skin Care. I moved to California in 2015 to explore more opportunities in the skin care industry that lack in Minnesota. My holistic approach to skin care is unique and has motivated me to create Organic Escape Skin Studio in 2016.

Being an esthetician wasn’t in my plans until about 6 months before I attended school. After high school, I attended the University of Minnesota-Duluth as an art major. I quickly sunk into the pressures of college. Bad habits consumed my life and my grades. I became very unhappy as I packed on weight from non-stop junk food and partying. After a year and a half of toxic behaviors, I knew things needed to change. Within six months I finished my two year degree at Lake Superior College, then moved to Minneapolis attend the Aveda Institute to be an esthetician. I cleaned up my habits and regained my health and vitality. I fell in love with skin care and am so blessed to have truly found my art that I can offer to people in need of healing. Since then I have been exploring and learning all that this industry has to offer. After personally going through acne as a teenager (using anti-biotics, Differen, Clearasil, and Proactive) and an extreme phase of cystic acne at the age of 22, I believe in healing the skin internally and externally. Thanks to acupuncture and Eminence Organic Skin Care, my skin healed beautifully and naturally. Let me share my passion and love for skin care with you!


Why choose Organic Escape

My passion for rejuvenating, organic facials is not skin deep. Organic Escape clients experience the most indulgent skin care services and products along with an ambient atmosphere.

Organic Escape is all about you! Come for the glowing skin and return for the replenished feeling in mind and body.

Your skin is a direct reflection of your lifestyle. Together we can discuss how to balance effective skin care routines and treatments. Each client receives personalized short- and long-term skin care goals to take the philosophies and products of Organic Escapes home.

From handmade organic skin care to locally made candles, aromatherapy and tea,  you're sure to find what your looking for to take care of you and those you love.

About Organic Escape services

No skin care product compares to Eminence Organics. Pure, cold-pressed fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices make up the products with little to NO filler.

I am catering you with the most active and effective organic ingredients from the earth to enhance your well being naturally.

Eminence products can treat skin conditions such as aging, hyper pigmentation, acne, and rosacea (the secret is in high vitamin concentration, which equals potent healing properties).

My all time favorite Eminence product is the Clear Skin Probiotic Masque with cucumber and yogurt. The masque instantly cools and hydrates inflamed breakouts while tea tree oil works to heal blemishes and prevent new ones. But my favorite part is sleeping in this masque — I wake up in the morning with a calm and clear complexion.

Who Organic Escape serves

From the onset of acne in teenagers to adults with troublesome skin, I serve all skin types and conditions through an array of amenities and products.

Let my skin care services at Organic Escape give your face the glow it deserves and schedule an appointment today!


Why we choose eminence organics

At Organic Escape Skin Studio, you will experience the powers of Eminence Organic Skin Care with every facial and will be prescribed a home care routine using Eminence to achieve optimal skin health.


Treat yourself to an award winning organic skin care line that delivers beautiful results using organic products bursting with juicy pulp, seeds and herbs. Feel good about feeding your skin all natural products without harsh chemicals or parabens. Éminence addresses a variety of skin concerns such as premature aging and wrinkling, sun damage, acne, loss of vitality, tone and radiance. Select a customized Éminence facial specifically created to suit your skin needs and let the active ingredients impart health and beauty to your skin.