by Andrea Sellner

Stress and Skin: 10 Ways to De-Stress to Benefit your Mind, Skin and Soul.

The daily hustle and grind during this busy time a year can cause anxiety and stress levels to rise.  In times of stress, the body ramps up its production of cortisol, a naturally occurring hormone that elevates blood sugar, triggers inflammation and breaks down collagen. Daily de-stressing practices can reduce the impact that stress has on the skin and mind. It can take some trial and error to figure out what rituals work best for you and your schedule. But your soul will thank you for taking time to care for yourself.


  1. Exercise

     Boosts energy, reduces stress and improves your overall health, exercise is an important part of any daily routine. This doesn’t have to be a vigorous workout either, find what works for you whether it's a morning walk, yoga, or a quick circuit workout, just get moving!

  2. Connect with Nature

    This is hard for many to do year round, but there’s many ways to reconnect with nature which can boost your mood and reduce stress. Buy yourself flowers or nurture house plants which can increase the amount of oxygen in your home. I personally enjoy having bundles of dry sage or palo santo to smudge to clear any negative energy around my home.

  3. Eat healthy meals

    Healthy food fuels your body and mind. Too much junk food can cause major inflammation and stress on the body which can leave your skin and mood less than radiant.

  4. Sleep

    Most Americans don’t get the recommended amount of sleep they need a night (7-8 hours). Sleep is essential for our body to repair and detox from all the stress it endures throughout the day. Sleep deprivation can cause skin issues and make us reach for caffeine more throughout the day. Not enough sleep plus too much caffeine can leave our skin dry, dehydrated and prone to breakouts.

  5. Meditate

    Meditation and breath work can do wonders for relieving stress. Breathing can improve the function of your lymphatic system which aid the body in detoxification.When you notice yourself getting stressed, make sure you’re taking deep breaths and be mindful of your shoulders which we often tense up is stressful situations.  If you’re a beginner, the app Headspace is a great place to get guided meditations for the amount of time that you choose (from as little as 3-5 minutes/day!)

  6. Call someone you love

    One of the wonders of technology is being able to keep in touch with loved ones from far away. Connecting with loved ones can calm us in stressful situations and make us remember that we are loved and supported.

  7. Take a Bath

    Baths are known to be detoxing and relaxing on our minds and muscles. Water is very cleansing for our souls and a weekly (or nightly) soak is a great way to relieve stress.

  8. Make a gratitude list/Journal

    It’s easy to get caught up the negative and focus on what we may not have that we really want and desire. It’s important to remember what the universe provides us on a daily basis and to be grateful for the abundant lives we live. A great way to choose happiness is to write down 3-5 things you’re grateful for everyday. Journaling can also help to take negative or repetitive thoughts out of our mind and clears space for positive thoughts.

  9. Take a Break from Social Media

    Are you checking your social media first thing in the morning? Try to spend the first 30 minutes-3 hours of your day social media-free. Even though it can be a place to find inspiration, it can also distract us from our own focus and leads us down a road of comparing someone else's “highlight reel” to our own lives. Taking a break from the screen can also help quiet down our mind at night making it easier to fall asleep.

  10. Make Priority Lists

    When I started my business, priority lists were essential to my sanity. When we have a constant to-do list, sometimes we don’t know where to start and end up procrastinating because we can’t decide what to do first. Organizing your to-do list into A-B-C sections (List A has to be done before B can be done, before C can be done). This helps the mind prioritize and eases the stress of long to-do lists!